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Hip-hop musician. Left2Right lives in Barcelona, writes songs and participates in different events as a singer. Originally he is from Ukraine. Lefr2Right is very famous amongst Ukranian and Russian people. He says hip-hop music culture is his life and his biggest passion!

Музыкальный проект “Left2Right” создан для любителей лирики и легкого хип-хопа. Эта музыка о любви и о вечном – обо всем том, что волнует нас.


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¡Canto desde nacimiento! Terminé escuela musical, sé notación musical. Tengo repertorio restaurante y tambien experiencia de duo/trio. Canto canciones rusas, ucranianas, ingleses.

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Music band “Made In Barcelona”
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One of the most entertaining, talented, and yes, even comical groups of Barcelona. Made in Barcelona. You get something new every day with this group that ranges from 6 to 10 people. The staples to the group include multiple guitars, a double bass (upright bass), saxophone, and various percussion instruments like the conga drum, cowbell, guiro and everything else needed to create upbeat and energetic latin music. This group always draws a diverse crowd that almost always starts dancing. With a sound that is unique to Barcelona, watching this group perform makes you remember why you love the Spanish culture, why you love Barcelona, and why music can be so fun.

El grupo “Made In Barcelona” es la mezcla de la musica latina y española. Para la fiesta divertida, para el evento a bailar!

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Yulia Dudchak
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A Russian singer. Yulia has different songs in Russian and Ukranian.
Высшее образование по специальности - эстрадное пение. Лауреат всероссийских и международных конкурсов. Репертуар: русские и украинские песни (Алсу, Пугачева, Долина и др.) Преподаватель вокала.

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Pedro Jacobetty (u-army)
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Hello! I produce ELECTRONIC MUSIC and work as a VJ in clubs. I speak english, spanish, portuguese and some french and catalan. That´s an example of what I´m doing:


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